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    5/28 Reno::left at Elko::Idaho Falls, ID

    5/29 Yellowstone::Old Faithful::Sheridan, WY

    5/30 Devil's Tower::Mt Rushmore::Sioux Falls, SD

    5/31 Northfield, MN (stay with a friend)

    6/01 Northfield, MN

    6/02 Chicago, IL

    6/03 Toronto, Canada

    6/04 Johnson, VT

    3,216 miles, not including sidetrips and backtracking and places I fall off the map.




    1. a way, course, or road taken in getting from a starting point to a destination.

    synonyms: way, course, road, path, freeway, turnpike, direction; passage, journey; artery

    • the line of a road, path, railroad, etc.

    • a circuit traveled in delivering, selling, or collecting goods.

    • a way to get from one place to another place

    • a method or process leading to a specified result.

    • a way of achieving or doing something

    • a specific itinerary, round, or number of stops

    • the choice of roads taken

    • the sequence of hosts, routers, bridges, gateways and other devices that network traffic takes, or could take, from its source to destination

    • a means of access: channel


    1. to send or direct along a specified course.

    synonyms: direct, divert, send, convey, lead, show, usher, dispatch, forward


    Middle English: from Old French rute ‘road,’ from Latin rupta (via) a road opened, ‘broken (way),’ feminine past participle of rumpere ‘to break’. Sense of “fixed or regular course for carrying things” is 1792, an extension of the meaning “customary path of animals” (early 15 c.)

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