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    [Imagine a long poem here, Song, by Brigit Peegen Kelly.]

    I didn't type this out. I chose it last night past midnight, which is technically today, but have not been here to think about it, to work through the words. Because today was about being with friends, being a friend, and I am just back in the studio, at 1am, after leaving the house this morning at 11am. So technically it is already tomorrow, but I am pretending it is still part of the arc, a long play.

    First up and lollygagging in bed. Maybe for hours. Then the thrift store, followed by the market to get Carrie an ice cream birthday cake and candles, while she was with us, all covert distractions. Then lunch and singing, Happy Birthday with the crowd in the dining room. Then Carrie, Katharena, Lauren and I went to the Bread & Puppet Museum -- love, love, love -- Lauren brought holiday flavored jelly bellys, Katharena brought beer, and we walked through the museum sipping our Long Trails and eating eggnog, peppermint, cocoa, cranberry, and pumpkin pie flavored jelly beans. Laughing, taking pictures, shopping at the cheap art store. Then off to Parker Pie for the most insanely good pizza and beer (though I was the driver, so water), then back to Morrisville where we met up with others at Lost Nation. This time I got to have a beer and Katharena drove back home to Johnson afterwards, then off to the Downtown to read our horoscopes before people began to sing karaoke. A little dancing, plus pool (which I am pretty bad at but I love, especially hitting the cue ball hard and listening to the sound of the other balls cracking) but somehow my team won and we played again. A 14-hr roundabout, with various exits. Now back in my studio with what feels like wool in my ears -- karaoke is so loud.

    And none of this has to do with Brigit Peegen Kelly's poem Song. None of it...except that I love the poem, and today is a day to do things you love with friends you love.... which is lame.

    Ok, I just read the poem again. And even though it is 1:20am now, and I have the word defined below, I think I have to pick another word, another poem. That can be tomorrow's post. It cannot be the end to this day... it feels so wrong...

    Found one. Go Louise Gluck. Another favorite. I am even typing it. An undertaking at this hour.

    The Undertaking

    The darkness lifts, imagine, in your lifetime.

    There you are––cased in clean bark you drift

    through weaving rushes, fields flooded with cotton.

    You are free. The river films with lilies,

    shrubs appear, shoots thicken into palm. And now

    all fear gives way: the light

    looks after you, you feel the waves' goodwill

    as arms widen over the water; Love

    the key is turned. Extend yourself ––

    it is the Nile, the sun is shining,

    everywhere you turn is luck.

    Louise Gluck

    Friend: from an Indo-European root meaning ‘to love,’ shared by free. Such luck. Cheers to changing my mind, opting in. It is late, 1:59, but I am posting under yesterday's date, cause that is just what writers can do in the time of space, or the space of time. Comply with the rules, while bending them. And again, being with friends, the right answer.




    1. a formal pledge or promise to do something. "make an undertaking to comply with the rules"

    synonyms: pledge, agreement, promise, oath, covenant, vow, commitment,guarantee, assurance, contract

    2. a task that is taken on; an enterprise. "a mammoth undertaking"

    synonyms:enterprise, venture, project, campaign, scheme, plan, operation,endeavor, effort, task, deed, activity, prsuit, exploit,

    business, affair,procedure;

    3. the action of undertaking to do something; promise, pledge, guarantee; "the knowing undertaking of an obligation"

    4. the management of funerals as a profession;




    1. to take upon oneself, as a task, performance; attempt: She undertook the job of answering the mail.

    2. to promise, agree, or obligate oneself (followed by an infinitive): The married couple undertook to

    love, honor, and cherish each other.

    3. to warrant or guarantee (followed by a clause): The sponsors undertake that their candidate

    meets all therequirements.

    4. to take in charge; assume the duty of attending to: The lawyer undertook a new case.

    5. Archaic. to engage oneself by promise; give a guarantee, or become surety.



    "enterprise," early 15c., verbal noun from undertake (v.).


    c.1200, "to entrap," in the same sense as Old English underniman (cf.Dutch ondernemen, German unternehmen), of which it is a partial loantranslation, from under + take. Cf. also French entreprendre "toundertake," from entre "between, among" + prendre "to take." The underin this word may be the same one that also may form the first element of understand. Meaning "to accept" is attested from mid13c.; to take upon oneself, to accept the duty of.

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