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    On your marks, get set.... wow.




    go, goes, went, going, gone

    1. move from one place or point to another; travel.

    synonyms: move, proceed, make one's way, advance, progress, pass; walk, travel, journey;

    • travel a specified distance.

    • travel or move in order to engage in a specified activity or course of action.

    • attend or visit for a particular purpose.

    • begin motion

    • be allotted or awarded (given, donated, granted, presented, devoted)

    • contribute to or be put into (a whole); be used for or devoted to. (contribute, help, serve; incline, tend)

    • pass a specified amount of time in a particular way or under particular circumstances.

    • used to indicate how many people a supply of food, money, or another resource is sufficient for or how much can be achieved using it.

    • (of a thing) lie or extend in a certain direction. (extend, stretch, reach, lead)

    • change in level, amount, or rank in a specified direction.

    • informal used to emphasize the speaker's annoyance at a specified action or event.

    • informal said in various expressions when angrily or contemptuously dismissing someone.

    2. leave; depart. "I really must go"

    synonyms: leave, depart, go away, withdraw, absent oneself, make an exit, exit; set off, start out, get underway, be on one's way; decamp, retreat, retire, make off, clear out, run off, run away, flee, make a move; informal make tracks, push off, beat it, take off, skedaddle, scram, split, scoot ("it's time to go")

    • (of time) pass or elapse. slip by/past, roll by/past, tick away; fly by/past "how quickly the years go by"

    • come to an end; cease to exist, run its course, fade away; finish, end, cease

    • leave or resign from a post.

    • be lost or stolen.

    • die (used euphemistically).

    • (of money) be spent, especially in a specified way.

    synonyms: be used up, be spent, be exhausted, be consumed, be drained, be depleted

    3. intend or be likely or intended to be or do something; be about to (used to express a future tense).

    4. pass into a specified state

    synonyms: become, get, turn, grow ("his hair had gone gray")

    • enter into a specified state, institution, or course of action.

    • make a sound of a specified kind.

    • make a sound in functioning. (reverberate, resound, ring, chime, peal, toll, clang)

    • informal say.

    • be known or called by (a specified name).

    5. proceed in a specified way or have a specified outcome; turn out.

    synonyms: work out, develop, come out; result, end (up); informal pan out

    • be successful, especially in being enjoyable or exciting.

    • be acceptable or permitted. "underground events where anything goes"

    • (of a song, account, verse, etc.) have a specified content or wording.

    "if you haven't heard it, the story goes like this"

    6. be harmonious, complementary, or matching.

    synonyms: harmonize, blend, be suited, be complementary, coordinate, be compatible

    • be found in the same place or situation; be associated. "cooking and eating go together"

    7. (of a machine or device) function.

    synonyms: function, work, run, operate

    • continue in operation or existence.

    8. (of an article) be regularly kept or put in a particular place.

    synonyms: belong, be kept

    • fit or be able to be accommodated in a particular place or space.

    9. informal use a toilet; urinate or defecate.


    1. an attempt or trial at something.

    synonyms: attempt, try, effort, bid, endeavor; informalshot, stab, crack, bash, whirl, whack; essay ("her second go")

    • a state of affairs."

    • an attack of illness.

    • a project or undertaking that has been approved.

    • used in reference to a single item, action, or spell of activity.

    "he put it to his lips then knocked it back in one go"

    2. spirit, animation, or energy.

    synonyms: energy, vigor, vitality, life, liveliness, spirit, verve, enthusiasm, zest,vibrancy, sparkle; stamina, dynamism, drive, push, determination; pep, punch, oomph, get-up-and-go ("he has plenty of go in him")

    • vigorous activity.


    1. functioning properly. ("all systems go")


    Old English gān, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch gaan and German gehen ; the form went was originally the past tense of wend.




    1. a Japanese board game of territorial possession and capture.


    late 19th century: Japanese, literally ‘small stone,’ also the name of the game.

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