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    The last 36 hours, 1017 miles:

    present (existing)::present (a gift)::present (now)::present (offer)::present (appear)::present (manifest)::present (within reach)––

    Today my mouth was catching flies, jaw dropped. Wyoming––who knew? Not just the craziness that is Yellowstone (bison and big horn and geysers, oh my), but also after: parachuted into prairie with a horizon as long and flat as you can find at the sea, then a sheaf of black hills begin to rise and become a wall, and then in front, red earth rises, then fractures. Fingers of rock, spires, cathedrals. Then valleys green as Ireland, then a moose, then two, then a herd. Mountains, mastifs. Then driving into steaming ground again, but this time, a cloud. Cambrian granite, 2.5 billion years old. A sign told me so. Then the bottom dropped out from under the land and I drove down into the valley that contains Sheridan, so verdant that the cows almost disappear when they lie down in the yard high new growth. A friend told me last fall that he is getting weepy and I must concur: my chest kept feeling so full, and then I'd turn the corner and be faced with another thing and almost burst. Racing shadows moving faster than my car on the land. Finally, when I came out of the cloud and saw the massive prairie I was about to drop 9,000 ft into, I actually sobbed once or twice––sheer wonder and gratitude. I think I said, "wtf is this?" about 10 times today.

    Finally, there are signs, in a sweeping wildness that stretches in every direction, saying "Point of Interest" or "Scenic Overlook". Absurd. The whole effing place is a scenic overlook, a point of interest––there could be a permanent turn-off lane next to the highway, for oogling. Pictures after the words...




    1. in a particular place

    synonyms: attendance, here, there, near, nearby, (close/near) at hand, available; in existence, existing, existent

    antonyms: absent

    • (of a thing) existing or occurring in a place or thing.

    • being with one or others or in the specified or understood place

    • being here

    • existing or occurring in a place, thing, combination, or the like:.

    2. existing or occurring now ("she did not expect to find herself in her present situation")

    synonyms: current, present-day, existing

    antonyms: past, future

    • now being considered or discussed. "the present article cannot answer every question"

    • being, existing, or occurring at this time or now; current:

    • at this time; at hand; immediate

    • being actually here or under consideration: the present topic.


    1. the period of time now occurring. "they are happy and at peace, living in the present"

    synonyms: now, today, the present time/moment, the here and now

    antonyms: past, future

    • the present time ("forget the past and think about the present")

    • present writings, used in a deed of conveyance

    • to denote the document itself

    • the matter in hand.


    1. at present, at the present time or moment; now:

    2. for the present, for now; temporarily:


    Middle English: via Old French from Latin praesent- ‘"evident, at hand, within reach,’ present participle of praeesse, from prae ‘before’ + esse ‘be’; in sight; immediate; prompt, instant;

    contemporary; to exhibit to the mind or senses




    1. give something to (someone) formally or ceremonially.

    synonyms: hand over/out, give (out), confer, bestow, award, grant, accord; submit, set forth, put forward, proffer, offer, tender, table, demonstrate, show, put on display, exhibit, display, launch

    • bring, offer, or give someone (something) ceremonially.

    • show or offer (something) for others to consider; furnish a possiblility

    • formally introduce to someone else, make known, acquaint someone with

    • proffer (compliments or good wishes) in a formal manner (offer, give, express)

    • formally deliver (a check or bill) for acceptance or payment.

    • bring formally to the notice of a court.

    • put (a show or exhibition) before the public.

    2. bring about or be the cause of ("this should not present much difficulty")

    • exhibit (a particular state or appearance) to others.

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    • come forward into the presence of another or others, especially for a formal occasion; appear.

    • (of an opportunity or idea) occur and be available for use ("when a favorable opportunity presented itself, he would submit his proposition")

    • come forward for or undergo initial medical examination for a particular condition or symptom.

    • be directed toward the cervix during labor.

    • manifest itself.

    • hand over

    3. hold out or aim at something so as to be ready to fire.


    Middle English: from Old French presenter, from Latin praesentare ‘place before’ (in medieval Latin ‘present as a gift’), from praesent- ‘being at hand’; "bringing something into someone's presence."




    1. a thing given to someone as a gift. "a birthday present"

    Ok, pictures: simulacra. But better than nothing... oh, and this is one day. What a gift. And yes, the big horn sheep was 6 ft from me. Ridiculous, I am telling you.


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