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    The river can be heard throughout the campus. And by campus, I mean loose grouping of 15+ buildings that comprise the Vermont Studio Center, nestled around the Gihon River.

    I have come to the riverbank, 3396 miles in a bug spattered car, landed and stood up. A year to reflect in it's tremble and quake.

    Having become settled after passing the Missouri River, this surfacing of a deeper calm could almost be alarming, the way it just showed up and rooted in my chest. A new seed on its way to becoming a tree.

    I cannot write more tonight, besides the pages in my journal....




    1. reach a place at the end of a journey or a stage in a journey. "we arrived at his house and knocked at the door"

    synonyms: come, turn up, get here/there, make it, appear, enter, present oneself,come along, materialize; show (up), roll in/up, blow in, show one's face; reach, get to, come to, make it to, end up at; wind up at

    antonyms: depart, leave

    • be brought or delivered. ("the invitation arrived a few days later")

    • come to be near, or present in time

    • agree upon, reach a conclusion or decision. ("they arrived at the same conclusion") (reach, achieve, attain, gain, accomplish; work out, draw up, put together, strike, settle on;


    • an event or a particular moment, happen or come. ("we will be in touch with them when the time arrives"); :happen, occur, take place, come about; present itself, crop up; come to pass

    • a new development, come into existence or use. (emerge, appear, surface, come on the scene, dawn, be born, come into being, arise)

    • be born.

    • informal, achieve success or recognition. (succeed, do well, reach the top, make good, prosper, thrive, make one's mark, do all right for oneself)


    Middle English (in the sense ‘reach the shore after a voyage’): from Old French ariver, based on Latin ad- ‘to’ + ripa ‘shore.’ Also, 'Come to the riverbank, to land."

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