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    Today, I arrived. Even though I got here Thursday eve, until tonight it felt like I was still traveling. By 5:40pm, ten minutes late for dinner, I felt completely present and ensconced. Centered. Dwelled. I have never lived in the east, but it seems like something old and known deep in my chest. Today, as I was driving the roads, slowly, winding my way to the organic farm stand that sells plants on the honor system, a tin of money on the counter, and then into Morrisville for a few more herbs and a big beautiful orange begonia, I felt ridiculously happy and at home––sinking fingers into loam makes something feel like yours.

    Ditto in my new lodgings. I unpacked my car today, hung clothes, put away toiletries, arranged kitchen goods. Currently I don't have my full bed yet, just a twin, nor my bureau, both of which should arrive next week. Nor a desk. Ha. But I am still settling in. Some photos of family, some precious objects, a rug, books. Violas on the windowsill. My journals. Enough. Plenty. So much. Mountains in the distance. The sound of water.

    After a few trips up and down the stairs, I noticed there was a yard sale across the street, so I strolled over. There was a pool ball with the number 11, which is my favorite, and an antique iron toy of a man on a horse --when you rock him, he moves, gallops, holds the bucking steed or leans into the horse, as it is landing. $2.00 total, including a pair of kitchen scissors and some twine.

    Did I mention the barns? Just fucking everywhere, the most beautiful buildings. Sturdy, solid, rooted. Also, I moved my boxes/bags/laundry baskets of things into my temporary 2nd floor studio in the Church building studios. I'll be in my permanent space next week, down on the first floor, so I won't set up much, for now. But a beginning. Also got to visit my desk space in the top of the tower of the woolen mills.

    Tomorrow, my job begins, the first residents arrive. I am sitting here listening to Sufjan Stevens (Carrie & Lowell, such a beautiful album), and Nick Drake (always a good choice). As soon as I post this, I will leave the Trustee house with my laptop and go sleep in my apartment for the first night. I left the lights on in my bedroom, top floor of Corner House. Did I mention there is no internet or TV in my abode? Well, except phone––ubiquitous.

    Anyway, I think I am ready. Here is a picture gallery of my new home, on the edge of a river, in Vermont.




    1. a house, apartment, or other shelter that is the usual residence of a person (residence, flat, apartment, bungalow, lodgings, address, hearth, abode)

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    4. the dwelling place or retreat of an animal.

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    before 900; Middle English hom, Old English hām; Gothic haims, ‘home, village, dwelling, residence, world’; akin to ‘haunt.’

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