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    More than I've seen in so long. The ground moist, then muddy, puddled and steaming under a cracked sun, then somehow soaked into aquifer that must be an underground sea. The parking lot behind my studio almost a new and nameable body, Church Pond.

    It feels as if northern Vermont has received as much water from the ether in a month as Nevada is gifted in a year. Every roadside lush. Another Oregon.

    I hear tell that it will get warm, so warm that we will fall gratefully into river and stream, the lake almost too tepid. I hear tell that this is coming soon, or could be here tomorrow. The cool mist and fog turned up by distant fire into humidity. For today, the sky is low gray and dripping off the eaves, the minutes drizzle and cascade, the seconds pooling.

    If you come from a place of drought, this weeping is a form of comfort and relief, a steady release.

    Did I mention I didn't pack an umbrella? One of these days I will succumb and find one with a curved cane handle, like a walking stick. In the meantime, I alternate between my yellow and gray Northface, a wasp walking down Pearl Street, or my dad's old gortex, a piece of Coos Bay blue I swim in a little, that is memory and protection and talisman woven into something that merely looks like a jacket. And really, all any woman needs is a hood.

    I say, let it.


    [rān/ ]


    1. moisture condensed from the atmosphere that falls visibly in separate drops. "the rain had not stopped for days"

    synonyms: rainfall, precipitation, raindrops, weather; drizzle, shower,rainstorm, cloudburst, torrent, downpour, deluge, storm, wet

    2. falls of rain; showers, storms or showers "the plants were washed away by some unusually heavy rains"

    3. weather marked by steady or frequent rainfall : "We had rain most of last summer."

    4. a large or overwhelming quantity of things that fall or descend.

    synonyms: shower, deluge, flood, torrent, avalanche, flurry; storm, hail


    1. rain falls. "it was beginning to rain"

    synonyms: pour, pour down, come down, pelt down, teem down, beat down, rain cats and dogs;

    fall, drizzle

    2. literary (of the sky, the clouds, etc.) send down rain.

    3. (of objects) fall in large or overwhelming quantities (fall, hail, drop, shower)

    4. to send down in great quantities, as small pieces or objects: see confetti

    5. to offer, bestow, or give in great quantity, "she rained blows onto him"

    6. used to convey that a specified thing is falling in large or overwhelming quantities. "it was raining glass"


    Old English regn (noun), regnian (verb), of Germanic origin; related to Dutch regen and German Regen, “rain;" a presumed PIE *reg- "moist, wet," which maybe the source of Latin rigare "to wet, moisten" (cf. irrigate ).

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