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    Sarah arrived with Max, so generous that they made the trek.

    They stopped for a night on their way to Williamstown. Gave them a tour of VSC, and introduced her to folks, then a stop at the cafe and my studio before heading to the Museum of Everyday Life (exhibits on matchoobks, dust, toothbrushes) followed by Bread & Puppet Museum, Peter Schulmann's crazy experiment in obsession (not to be missed if you are in VT), then off to Parker Pies in West Glover for the best local craft beer and pizza with Cabot cheddar (made nearby) and amazing crust, even the gluten gree. Follwed by a creemee at a creemee shack (think the best soft serve ice cream you've ever had, with local milk), driving by the house Lorca wrote in (literary geekdom) at Eden Lake, then home, chatting on the Trustee House porch, looking at stars. Now I am in my studio, just for a bit, then bed. Then I'll see them for two hours in the morning and they'll be off. A wonderful and heart-filled day.

    More pics tomorrow... Sarah in her new hat from Max. :) Such a joyful afternoon and evening. Too tired to say more than thank you.




    1. a girl or woman in relation to her parents.

    synonyms: female child, girl; "their two daughters are both in college"

    • a female offspring of an animal.

    • a female descendant.

    • a woman considered as the product of a particular person, influence, or environment.

    • archaic used as a term of affectionate address to a woman or girl, typically by an older person.

    • literary a thing personified as a daughter in relation to its origin or source.

    • PHYSICS a nuclide formed by the radioactive decay of another.


    1. originating through division or replication. "daughter cells"


    Old English dohtor, of Germanic origin; related to Dutch dochter and German Tochter, from an Indo-European root shared by Greek thugatēr .

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